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Born in 1990. Started self-study in composition and music theory at the age of 15, and in 2010, established the predecessor to this website, “SONIQA”. I studied classical harmony under Professor Toru Iwatake, a computer music professor at Keio University (Faculty of Environment and Information Studies), and presented “Macro Music Theory” as a graduation research project. Currently engaged in various activities, with a focus on sound and graphic design. For example…

As a GUI/Sound Designer

Acting under the name PLUGMON as a GUI/Sound Designer. Mainly producing products for u-he synthesizers, with skins such as Neumann Pro for Zebra and MONA for Diva being widely used by many artists. Also, having direct interaction with u-he’s development team, worked on the official skin “Izmo” for Hive2.

In the field of soundware, I developed waveforms using the UHM programming language for wavetables, and released preset collections for Hive and Serum, such as Analog Anthem. Additionally, providing official wavetables to u-he, and some of the factory waveforms in Hive2, such as “DNA” and “Exorcist,” were created by me. In 2023, participated as a sound designer in u-he’s official preset pack “Automata” for Diva.

PLUGMON is registered as an audio developer on KVR Audio’s Developer List.

As an Artist of Pixelarts, Music and Visuals

The pixel art on this site and is all created by me. In recent products, I have been attempting to make artistic trailer videos using my own graphics and sounds, aiming to give the products a unique creative touch.

8bit Anthem for Hive2 : Trailer
Orion feat. 花隈千冬(Chifuyu Hanakuma) : A Song for Tyrell N6 Preset Pack "Replicants"

As a Writer

In Japan, I am also active as a writer. I contributed to two series on the Soundmain Blog operated by Sony Music Entertainment (now discontinued). In “Music Theory for Track Makers,” I introduced music theory for beginners without using musical notation, and in “DAW Theory Learned from UI/UX,” I delved into the structure of DAWs from the perspective of a UI designer, showcasing cross-disciplinary knowledge.

Additionally, in Rittor Music’s Sound & Recording Magazine, I handled an instructional series on Bitwig Studio. This series is also available on the magazine’s web platform.

Furthermore, in a position well-versed in the nuances of definitions among music theory schools, as well as variations in broad/narrow meanings of terms, I served as a supervisor for Fushimi Shun’s ‘スピッツ論(Spitz-ology)‘, addressing issues related to the use of music theory terms.

Last but not least, I handle the writing on this site, from site design to the construction and management of everything on the website, including community and gateway test systems, and PLUGMON’s store system, all by myself.