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C-III: Encompass Chord Types

Interval (2) Full Interval Names

Session Overview This time you learn new terms. As we progress through Chapter III, this section aims to introduce a bit more the degrees beforehand. It's a "names layer" knowledge that has minimal practical benefit but is crucial for organizing theoretical concepts in your mind. Keywords: intervals, tritone, quantity and quality Once again, Chapter III is the chapter where you…
May 5, 2024
C-I: Basic System

Two Tones Harmony

Now let's start talking about chords. A chord is a combination of multiple notes played at a time. So the very first thing you should learn is the mechanism of two tones harmony. 1. Quality Linked with Interval The fundamental principle is; Quality (sound character) of a harmony is defined by the interval between two tones. You can measure the…
June 18, 2024

Interval (1) Counting ABC

1. What is Interval? A melody is a succession of notes and a chord is a stack of notes. Whether horizontal or vertical, it is clear that the secret of music lies in the distance between tones, more specifically, the differential between pitches. Now here's - and -. It is clear that the gap between - is wider than the…
June 9, 2024