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Quick Ways to Change Velocity?

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    • Johnny @john

      I am using macOS 10.13 / FL Studio 20.0.3.

      Is there a way to quickly change the velocity on the piano roll in FL Studio, rather than using the controls at the bottom?

      In other DAWs, you can usually change the velocity by directly dragging the notes with “Command-drag” or “Command-Shift-drag”.
      I’ve tried various patterns, but in FL Studio, “Shift-drag” duplicates, “Ctrl-click” deletes, “Alt-Shift-drag” splits, and “Alt-Ctrl-drag” previews notes… I couldn’t find how to change the velocity. Thank you for your help!

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        Sonni @sonnyan

        In FL Studio, you don’t drag; instead, you use the mouse wheel scroll.

        While hovering over the note whose velocity you want to change, hold down “Alt” and scroll up or down to adjust the velocity. You can perform a similar action using two-finger scrolling on the Mac trackpad.

          Johnny @john

          I got it!! Thanks. FL is really clever😇

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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